Added salt…

Wanted to try my hand at flowers – which I find so difficult! So the sunflowers turned into a watercolour. First one, then two. And I added salt.

The singleton was painted flower first, then background. The double flower was painted background first – with a fair amount of masking fluid to preserve the petals.

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Suicide prints…

I have a problem… like Picasso I like to see results quickly (well, it has been suggested that he got frustrated by having to cut several different blocks for different colours). Any way I like to see results quickly. Which is probably not the best approach to have when doing lino cuts. I also need to find some decent water-based inks, mount my lino, find a cheap way of registering paper and block, get sharper tools – but hey! this is just for my pleasure! I also love the name suicide print…

So, a three colour (I may print a fourth colour) lino-cut. I have also printed just the two last colours onto watercolour paper and I will try adding the petals in paint.


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Alderney, more considered…

Another sketch – but this time more considered. alderney1

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A quickie

Alderney – and we could see France in the distance.


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One pear – two pictures

I have some water-colour pencils that I have never really used and I had a pear (found on a bench). Never really liked pencil crayons… but I see that they have their uses.

Then I watched a video demonstration of a mango being painted by Anne-Laure Jacquart ( with no drawing, negative painting and lots of paint. Have a go she said, so I did. I had a pear…

I know which one I like best! crayon


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Two cats…two reactions…

I had to visit my MiL last weekend as it was her birthday and she was in hospital. So I stayed at her house and looked after her cat for 3 days. You would have thought it would be grateful to have someone there for longer than an hour but when I wouldn’t let her sit on my knee while I ate breakfast this was the view I had of her! Tail swishing!


My own cat, Milo, who also had been left in the good care of a neighbour, however, was delighted to see me and (after I had eaten) was happy to sit on my knee. But then Milo is a very relaxed cat and Poppy is a pretty angry cat! Though she did make me want to paint her – and I haven’t painted (for various reasons) for quite a long time.



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Browns and the blues…

The last five lessons have covered reds and earth colours…brush control and tonal control… the last lesson on burnt umber does show some improvement in my brush control. Also how, with a ‘magic’ brush, a minor disaster can be retrieved. The sax player’s glasses had run down his already too-shadowy face but with the aid of my magic brush I was able to rescue it. And our tutor also showed us how to improve not-so-good paintings – perhaps where slightly ‘wrong’ colours have been used –  by glazing with a transparent colour. I like to think that paintings can be rescued – although they are just a bit of paper and can be turned over and used for another piece!


I see that my burnt umber is not as burnt umberish as it could be – buying cheap (although supposedly artist quality) is not always sensible. This next one is a British actor.



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