Life… drawing

Not been doing much watercolour recently. Life has very much got in the way. I’ve not felt able to commit to any regular classes or courses but I have found a drop-in life drawing class which I can do every couple of weeks. We have an untutored session – though the lady who runs it is an art teacher – and will help if asked – or if you are struggling. She arranges the models, and, as important (!) some great biscuits or cake each time – all home-made! Yum!

We do a series of quick drawings for the first half – sometimes 30 seconds – anything up to 5 or 7 minutes. These are challenging but are designed to warm us up and get us going. Then we do a couple of longer poses up to 20 minutes.

I’ve just taken some photos of these and can now see the ‘problem’ areas. I draw with a board on my lap and resting on a chair in front – so getting a look from a distance is impossible! They are A3 size.

I may try watercolour on these longer poses – even more of a challenge!


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