It was blowing a hooley!

My friend was flying over from Germany to visit his children so I agreed to drive down to Lewes, where he was stating with one of his sons, to spend the day with him. I got there first – ironic isn’t it when I was driving 120 miles and he had a 3 minute walk?! I had taken my sketch book and was just doing a little sketch of the bridge opposite when he turned up.  We walked through Lewes – which he knew well as he had lived there for 30 years before moving to Germany, and then we drove to Firle Beacon and walked to the top. I live in flat(ish) Essex so it was wonderful to walk up a hill (about 700ft) and view the surrounding countryside. The weather whilst dry wasn’t clear and we could just see the sea. It would have been fabulous to paint there and then, but as the wind was threatening to blow us off the hill it wasn’t possible. I took a photo and have since made this sketch. (scanned in two halves and stitched together)

From Firle Beacon

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4 Responses to It was blowing a hooley!

  1. Evelyn Flint says:

    A lovely watercolour landscape….

  2. John says:

    This is great! really lovely and evocative!

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