Darning underpants…

I had a friend who was some 50 years older than me. When I first knew her she was in her 80s and was a mosaicist – still working. She was a real character – and probably always had been! One of her stories was of darning the curate’s underpants…When she was much younger she had ‘fallen in love’ with the local curate – who was married. His wife, sensing that Henrietta was smitten, decided to put her off. She invited Henrietta round to sit with her in the curate’s house, have tea and perhaps give her a hand… And then gave her a pair of his underpants to darn! It certainly put Henrietta off him – and probably darning for life!

I was going through an old portfolio of bits of work and copies of works I like when I came across this drawing by Henrietta. It was done when she lived in London – so probably the 60s (and she would have been in her 60s). I love this drawing – particularly as I knew the artist, but also because it is full of life and you can hear the hubub and the clinking of the glasses, and smell the beer!


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2 Responses to Darning underpants…

  1. Evelyn Flint says:

    Darning underpants is certainly the way to kill off any frivolous romantic notions – clever wife… ! And I love your friends drawing – it’s full of character and life just like you described her… !

    • designsweet says:

      A very clever wife! Henrietta certainly was a character. She always wore a hat, and said it was because she had been a member of the Spanish Inquisition! She continued to work well into her 90s and died in her 100th year…

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