Look for the good bits…

This started out as being titled “Fighting with paint and water…’ but then I remembered when I was learning to play tennis not so long ago, our coach said ‘Remember the good shots and not the bad ones.’ So… I think I must look for the good bits in a painting I don’t like…

Fighting with paint and water…

My paintings in class haven’t been very successful recently. Disappointing. I don’t seem to be able to produce paintings that either I, or the tutor, like…bits are always OK. The last one… ‘a beautiful sky’ she said (yeah well, convincing skies I seem to be able to do – not that tricky..) but no other comment! Maybe I’m trying to paint as she wants us to paint… and not as I can/do paint – I must use my own ‘vision’ (when I find it!)

Anyway I had another go at the kind of scene we were meant to be doing which is more successful. Paint and water (i.e. watercolour) is a very tricky medium but that’s kind of what I like about it…and what I hate!

‘A beautiful sky’… (unfinished I know and also 2x the size of the other one…should this be a lesson?)

niceskyAnd here’s the one I did later…



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