Boats in the mud…

A quick sketch and painting started on site…until bad light, cold and an incoming tide stopped play.

A friend has bought a wooden ‘gentleman’s motor yacht’ to live on at some point in the future. It needs a lot, and I mean a lot, of work done on it. There was nothing much for me to do yesterday apart from make tea, take photos and sketch. The only reason I was allowed to go was if I promised to sketch. Windows misted up and so I sat inside looking out through an open door at the small boats across the creek sitting on their mud berths. Bad eyesight, bad light and distance meant that I couldn’t  see too many details – who knows what was there behind the ladder!



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2 Responses to Boats in the mud…

  1. Carol King says:

    Beautiful painting, even with the bad eyesight. 🙂

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