A new project….

This started as a sky…. and then I liked the sky so I thought I should add something to it.

So I trawled though some photos and found a blurry photo of a project that is going to take up quite a bit of my time I feel…

A very good friend has bought a motor yacht that needs restoration – total restoration. But she is very pretty and is on a nearby creek on a mud berth. This is a (very) prettified picture of where she is! There is a boat yard behind her…not a marina but a yard with cranes and old rusty boats, and broken boats, and all manner of houseboats being worked on and lived in.  Normally the creek – which is tidal and therefore only has water for a few hours around the high tide – is just mud!

Hopefully I’ll get enough time to do some sketching while I’m there …


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2 Responses to A new project….

  1. I love the light on the boat 😀

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