Two cats…two reactions…

I had to visit my MiL last weekend as it was her birthday and she was in hospital. So I stayed at her house and looked after her cat for 3 days. You would have thought it would be grateful to have someone there for longer than an hour but when I wouldn’t let her sit on my knee while I ate breakfast this was the view I had of her! Tail swishing!


My own cat, Milo, who also had been left in the good care of a neighbour, however, was delighted to see me and (after I had eaten) was happy to sit on my knee. But then Milo is a very relaxed cat and Poppy is a pretty angry cat! Though she did make me want to paint her – and I haven’t painted (for various reasons) for quite a long time.



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3 Responses to Two cats…two reactions…

  1. Carol King says:

    Love the two cats!

  2. kestrelart says:

    So feline … Predator to the core!

  3. 2 Lovely cats – Even the ears look so cross! You can feel the tail swishing! Whereas Milo looks so content, must have been purring! 😀

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