Browns and the blues…

The last five lessons have covered reds and earth colours…brush control and tonal control… the last lesson on burnt umber does show some improvement in my brush control. Also how, with a ‘magic’ brush, a minor disaster can be retrieved. The sax player’s glasses had run down his already too-shadowy face but with the aid of my magic brush I was able to rescue it. And our tutor also showed us how to improve not-so-good paintings – perhaps where slightly ‘wrong’ colours have been used –  by glazing with a transparent colour. I like to think that paintings can be rescued – although they are just a bit of paper and can be turned over and used for another piece!


I see that my burnt umber is not as burnt umberish as it could be – buying cheap (although supposedly artist quality) is not always sensible. This next one is a British actor.



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4 Responses to Browns and the blues…

  1. designsweet says:

    Thanks – the jazz guy’s face really seemed to come together!

  2. lesliepaints says:

    You are learning so much. Nice paintings!

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