Lesson 3 – cobalt blue

This seems to be quite a novel way of learning watercolours – taking each blue and discovering the what, why and how of it.

So, what did we learn? Cobalt blue: semi-opaque, warm, makes good greys, Mediterranean skies, interesting greens, granulates – and mine doesn’t seems to mix in that well – tried a different make that was a better mixer … quite a ‘blue’ blue doesn’t seem to lean one way or another.

My painting from class today is ‘stones’ – made using raw sienna, cobalt blue and light red. My first painting, of a mediterranean scene was not so good – the stones I felt more at home with!

My tutor was ‘told off’ for taking these stones from the beach… a  shingle beach, miles long (see picture).

Apparently the choice of blue for a painting should come first.

Next week a colour I have never tried!



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2 Responses to Lesson 3 – cobalt blue

  1. Love the painting and the photo! Wow!

  2. kestrelart says:

    Interesting insights. I like the idea of starting with the blue in deciding a palette.

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