Prussian blue

Lesson 2 was prussian blue… and skies. We actually started with the big sky which was great – full of strength and allowing it to ‘happen’. The only two colours on this painting are prussian blue and brown madder. The sky was wet-in-wet using a size 14 brush. It was allowed to dry naturally – no hairdryers. While it was drying we did a tonal just using prussian… then back to the sky to add the land and the sea.

My sea blobbed, my horizon dipped, so when I came home I ‘rescued’ it. I have a problem with allowing myself ‘bad’ paintings. I like to try and fix. We did another painting in the class and when I got home I used a glaze of Prussian over the bottom half of it as it didn’t hang together very well. And, of course, it was practising using what I had learnt about prussian blue!

These were too big to scan and so were taken on the phone #1 in daylight #2 in artificial light. I scanned it in 2 halves but each came out slightly different and I couldn’t get it to match along the join… almost but not quite. Grrrr!


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3 Responses to Prussian blue

  1. I need to buy those two colors el pronto – gorgeous light.

  2. cavepainter says:

    Nice raincloud, looks like a storm is about to swoop in. I like color balance in the bottom photo a little more, and the straighter horizon is working well. 🙂

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