#1 and #2…

…of the first painting in the first class. I was not happy with it – and although I know that every piece does not have to be a masterpiece – I felt that I had not handled it very well and that it deserved to be redone. Using non-granulating ultramarine and the horrid squirrel brush only for the sky I made a second attempt at it. I also drew this second one freehand and not from the sketch we were given to trace! And I am happier with the whole thing – so I have learnt something!

The second painting is also done on at half the size of the first one.


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6 Responses to #1 and #2…

  1. Rather envious (understatement) of your first class experience. Mine? Not exactly what I was hoping for but more…what I expected. Can I ask who is sponsoring your class: private artist, university course, on-line tutorial, watercolour society perk? My expectations are…what you’re doing. Brilliant!

    • designsweet says:

      A local artist runs the class in a nearby ‘dance/ballet school’ during the day. I think there was a yoga class in the other hall. We are paying about £11 /$15 for a 3 hour class which I thought pretty good value.

  2. Nicola says:

    I like the colours of both but do prefer the second – the angle of view feels much more like you are a person walking down the street. I can become absorbed into this scene. The first one seems to be the view from floating 20 feet in the air and so jars a little.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Great colour choices, I like both, but the second just has the edge for me, perhaps partly because of the width of the detail you’ve added on the left and right sides. 🙂

  4. esthertacke says:

    Oh, this sounds all too familiar (including blaming brush and paper!). In all my struggles I came to realise though that the “freestyle’ – method can be very rewarding. Good luck with the process and enjoy it!

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