A linocut/print…

One of the tyrannies of Christmas and being a bit of an artist/designer (and owing a printing company!) is being expected to produce your own design and cards. I started the fashion many years ago when I was still at school – and I think my first card was a linocut of the three kings – and have progressed through various mediums, the watercolour humbug was a card one year, some watercolour walnuts another year. There have been a fair few years when our business was busy, busy, busy and I bought cards but…

Inspired by a beautiful linocut card I bought at a local gallery I thought I’d dig out my old lino cutting equipment and have another go. This is at least linocut number four – the others have not really passed muster!

As each card will be an original print I may have to cull a few people from my list!partridge

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4 Responses to A linocut/print…

  1. Just love this! I’ve forwarded this post to my London artist girlfriend who is a “lino cutter”. She’ll love this, too!!

  2. Lovely post! I love lino prints as well and you’ve set me off! I am into the studio for a rummage around to see if I can find my kit, I was never very good at them but love the process! 🙂

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