Knitted blanket…

During the summer months when I was not able to paint I was able to sit and knit – which I find very calming – almost like meditation. It also has the added benefit of keeping idle hands busy so not too much food (snacks) or drink (alcohol) can be partaken.

Back in May a friend had asked me to knit her (or perhaps her daughter) a blanket and had said she would provide the wool… I waited but it didn’t arrive so I started using up bits I had left over from other projects – and then I expanded the collection with charity shop buys. Then suddenly I had this blanket. My busy friend has only seen it half finished… but if she doesn’t want it one of my sisters does!

I have also just knitted myself one but in shades of blue/grey/purple – which is nearly finished. So if we have a cold winter I’ll be warm!


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2 Responses to Knitted blanket…

  1. Beautiful design and knitting work!

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