Third sky, second Martello tower..

I painted this Martello tower looking out toward the sea last time, but I also took a photo from the sea looking back at it over the sand dunes. This was the sky I took while at at seaside last week but I needed a subject to put against it.

Essex is a fairly flat county – no dramatic cliffs. I am only able to get to the sea where there is a concrete promenade, a garish pier and the Martello tower!

So here is this year’s sketch:


And this is one done in June 2014:


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7 Responses to Third sky, second Martello tower..

  1. Nicola says:

    Gosh I remember seeing that sketch from 2014 on your blog – has it been a whole year since then – time flies!

  2. Nicola says:

    Also they’re both great but I think I slightly prefer this year’s 🙂

  3. I agree with the other comments – both lovely sketches, but this year’s has more confidence about it. I’ve also learned what a Martello tower is… shame on me, I should know! The nearest thing I can find as an excuse is that I live just about as far from the seaside as you can in the UK…. no, not much of an excuse! Great to see the seaside in your sketches 🙂

  4. lesliepaints says:

    I so like the rich color and value contrasts you achieved in this year’s tower, Designsweet. I also like the longer narrower crop to the scene. It works nicely with the shape of the tower! Super!

    • designsweet says:

      Thanks Lesley -positive comments as always! The paper shape was a pad my big sis gave me that she had bought in St Ives, Cornwall (big artist area) and obviously designed for seascapes!

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