Sweet peas 2

Just a little sketch of some more sweet peas. Yes, Carol they do grow more flowers… you have to stop them forming the seed pods ‘cos if the seeds pods form they think their job is done!

I had hoped to do a bit of hedge-trimming today but the hubby is not too well and I have to keep an eye on him and that will put the garden off-limits. He would worry if he couldn’t watch me wielding the electric hedge-trimmer and be able to call the emergency services if I chopped my arm off! So I shall do some real work today to make a time-space in the normal week. The benefits of working from home!

But I took some quiet time this morning over my breakfast to paint this tiny bottle of sweet peas – which I am much happier with!


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4 Responses to Sweet peas 2

  1. This is very very beautiful!!! Wow, glass itself seems hard enough. You seem to have flowers and the jar down pat!

  2. Carol King says:

    Love your sweat peas.

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