Draw a bird day

One of the wood pigeons that visit my garden…reminding me that I need to cut the grass as I couldn’t see his feet.

Since I have been feeding the birds I have far more birds in the garden; blue tits, great tits, a pair of robins, Mr & Mrs Blackbird, green finches, a green woodpecker, jays, magpies, jackdaws, doves, dunnocks, thrushes and recently some starlings.

But the two wood pigeons are constantly poking round the garden and I thought that I would try to capture their lovely subtle colours. A very quick sketch and a very quick paint job!


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3 Responses to Draw a bird day

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Reminds me of the doves that come to coo to me in the mornings and evenings, here. The colors are perfect for this little fella.

  2. designsweet says:

    Ha! My sister said that I was looking through rose-coloured spectacles! Thanks.

  3. I love your birdie!!! We may re-celebrate this on July 8th, if you’re up for it.

    I love your flowers. You paint beautifully!! 💛💐🎨

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