Milo takes over…

The neighbour’s cat, Milo, has adopted us. He had been visiting our garden for a long time – when we had our own cat, firstly to annoy her and then to eat the food that she wasn’t eating that I would throw out for the birds. We called him Hoover. Then when our cat Molly died he took to sleeping in the garden, then the bottom of the plastic greenhouse, then, as the patio doors were open in the summer, to sneaking in and finding somewhere comfortable to sleep – usually the sofa. His own house and garden have dogs… two dogs… can you blame him?!

I called in to Milo’s mum the other day and she gave me a bottle of fixative that her daughter had mistakenly bought. (What had she been meaning to buy?!). I have charcoal I found among my mother’s art materials (date on the box 1979) and a sketch pad so Milo asleep on the futon in my study was my subject. Very quick sketch – 2 minutes, he never holds a pose for long, and then I slapped on a bit of colour.

I want to give Caroline a painting or sketch as she allows us to use her beach hut  – and share her cat! More practise and perhaps I’ll feel able to make one a present for her.


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4 Responses to Milo takes over…

  1. He’s beautiful! Well done.

  2. He’s lovely and this is a smashing drawing of him 🙂

  3. lesliepaints says:

    I like that pose you captured. Maybe you could capture a few more poses. Caroline would treasure them, I’m sure!

  4. jmnowak says:

    Milo looks a happy cat…lovely drawing. (You draw very well…)

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