Paddy the Hospice cat

The husband recently spent a week or so in our local Hospice as they tried to sort out his medicines and help him feel better. He was originally nervous of going in – you don’t come out of a Hospice, right? – but had been convinced that this was not the case. We wondered what the differences to the oncology ward in the hospital might be… lots!

Firstly, you don’t get blood pressure, heart rate, temperature taken every few hours. If you aren’t awake when they bring meals round then you can get something when you do wake up. And when he was asked if he would like a night cap he got a glass of single malt whisky! Each night! The regime is all about you and how you feel, not just trying to solve one problem and get rid of you. He could have stayed longer but he felt that he wasn’t going to feel any better and could just as well be at home.

They also have a beautiful lounge with real sofas and comfy chairs – where we were able to entertain family and friends without having to sit on hard chairs by the bed. No visiting hours either. We were even able to cuddle together on his bed without being told off.

And they have a beautiful, soft, friendly Hospice cat. He roams about with no restrictions – even in the wards and side rooms. He has a favourite spot in the quiet room, just over a radiator with a view of the lake to sleep but I caught him napping on one of the lounge chairs.paddy-2

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4 Responses to Paddy the Hospice cat

  1. I can’t say enough for the Hospice organization. Paddy cats make the medicine go down a wee bit easier…hoping all is better.

  2. Aw what a lovely painting. Best to you and your husband too.

  3. What a difference for you both? The Hospice isn’t under the same pressures as the hospital and can give you both all the time you need by the sound of things. I hope the stay helped you both and that your husband will continue to improve. The soothing presence of the cat must have been a real tonic – nothing like a little feline distraction! He looks very comfy indeed – lovely painting. Take care and love to you both 🙂

  4. lesliepaints says:

    I love it that they have a cat. I also think you found one fine Hospice. It sounds as though they really are functioning like a top rate Hospice. Glad to hear you are both back home. I wish you and your husband comfort wherever he chooses to be.

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