Spring trees…

One of the national newspapers was ‘giving away’ a painting kit (cost of p&p) to coincide with the BBC’s painting challenge so I thought that I would send off for it. It came with a picture to copy, an instructional DVD, 3 pieces of watercolour paper, a mount, 2 brushes and a small palette with blobs of 5 paints (raw umber, a lemony yellow, red, ultramarine and white). I watched the DVD (very useful!) and then did my version of the painting sometime later. The DVD showed me the importance of waiting for the paint to dry, something I can be quite bad at – always in a rush – and using the surface of the paper to effect with dryer paint, and using the side of the brush… all things I knew but always useful to have a reminder! All in all a well spent £3!

There must be several hundred of these paintings now all over the UK – we should have an exhibition!


This scan doesn’t really do it justice – which is odd as normally my paintings look so much better when scanned!

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2 Responses to Spring trees…

  1. thenerdycanuck says:

    Lovely, I enjoyed your post 🙂 Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more~ Erin

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