Winter trees…

A quick walk through the local park made me snap this tree to go against a sky I had already painted.

Interest in painting in the UK will rocket for a short while as the BBC is doing yet another reality challenge show. We’ve had ‘Bake Off’, the ‘Sewing Bee’ and now the ‘Big Painting Challenge’, for amateur artists. Their take on amateur is interesting. There is a ex-police artist, an ex-graphic designer, a fashion and textile designer, ex-architectural illustrator and someone with a fine art degree! I suppose that they are all amateur as they don’t earn their living by painting. But a few more with less arty-fatty jobs might have given more encouragement to the viewing public. But if it gets more people involved it will be good. And the whole nation can take part by sending in a postcard-size painting – which will be interesting!


Used dry-brushing for the little branches which I’ve not really used before.

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3 Responses to Winter trees…

  1. Carol King says:

    The Big Painting Challenge sounds like fun but it doesn’t sound like these competitors are very “amatuer”.
    I like your winter trees with the dry brush.

  2. designsweet says:

    I’m not wild about reality TV shows but they had to paint a plein-air of Alnwick castle in 3 hours – which sorted them out a bit! They certainly aren’t the best of the UK amateurs!

  3. I enjoy watching those kind of programs but would never want to take part – the horror of having to paint something that didn’t inspire in a short period of time and then being criticised in front of millions of people …. no thank you!

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