Not idle…

We have had a run of drab days – grey, grey, grey. They are not conducive to painting and I have not been able to get down to doing any painting for a long time – I shall have to relearn!
But I do hate to sit idle and I find that I need to keep busy… I’m sure that it is because I am concerned for my very ill husband – the worse he feels the more I feel the need to do something. But now during the day I am either working or looking after him…

So in the dark days of December I made a paper maiche bowl and some knitted fruit for a friend.


And January evenings have had me knitting kids hats! I have a huge number of knitted items for kids now that I am going to sell for charity. Rather than sponsoring me walking/running/jumping I think it would be better if people got something for their money! hats!I have got a small painting that is stretching me somewhat on the go – perhaps next week I’ll get it finished!


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3 Responses to Not idle…

  1. These are lovely and a wonderful idea. I think it’s far more than grey days that are preventing you from painting and there’s something about knitting that’s a bit like meditation – you can do it almost automatically and I should imagine that’s a great relief for you at the moment. Keep knitting and the painting will come together when the time is right. I hope you raise loads for charity with your lovely hats. 🙂

  2. Carol King says:

    These are great! I never saw knitted fruit, but these are wonderful. Love the papier-mâché bowl. And those hats are fab! Are they hard? They are adorable. I haven’t knitted in a while, but those look like they could be fun.

    Healing thoughts to your husband.

    • designsweet says:

      The hats are really easy. I knit them in the round and just use up any wool I have – or get wool from local charity shops. And yes, Maxine I do find knitting (and papier-mâché) very mediative!

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