Long time no sea…

A Happy New Year to all!

After a dry spell not painting (apart from some abandoned christmas ideas) my first painting of 2015. My sister, who lives in Spain, had said that she fancied some of my paintings for her bathroom (got to start somewhere), perhaps some shells… so…shells-jan15and she ended up taking all my shell pictures! I felt sad saying goodbye to them. A couple were really early pictures in my watercolour journey – like this one. sea-urchin

I realise that I must keep my ‘painting muscles’ going throughout the year and not stop just because I have no time. I felt quite ‘unfit’ and the inside of the mussel shell really vexed me and I overworked it – though as usual it looks better in the scan!

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2 Responses to Long time no sea…

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Oh! I think your shells are perfect! …and sisters? I love gifting to mine. They frame them and I have art galleries in both their homes. They tell me what visitors say about them and it tickles me to have this kind of input on my journeys in watercolor. They help to fuel me. 🙂

  2. Carol King says:

    Love your shells, and glad you’re back to painting. I’m glad your sister took them. At least you can go and visit them once in a while.

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