Constant cat…

My neighbour’s cat Milo is a constant in our lives. He hears me fill the kettle in the morning and comes to the back door meowing… when I was coming home from the hospital last week at 8 or 9pm he heard my car and turned up at the front door, meowing. I know it is ‘cupboard love’ but he still tries it on day after day. Sometimes he’s lucky and gets scraps (he’s not fond of curry or Singapore noodles) most he gets allowed in to sit on the kitchen chair. And that’s what happened this morning. It’s good to have a constant companion – when you talk out loud when you’re alone at least you know who you are talking to.

So in the spirit of Inktober and as I haven’t been able to paint or sketch much recently (work, poorly husband, house-guests) Milo was the quick drawing of the morning – with a touch of watercolour!


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2 Responses to Constant cat…

  1. What a good little friend he is? Cats are surprising – they know, you know! And they always listen. I love your drawing, it captures him beautifully! 🙂

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