Gifted pears….and poached apples

My friend has a prolific pear tree. It seems that every year it has more and more pears. Her two labradors love eating the pears – off the ground, off the tree, from the table… It does seem a shame to deprive them of their pears but, very kindly, my friend and her son picked me some 25 kilos (0ver 50lbs) and delivered them last week.

Apart from painting some I have made pear jam, bottled some, made Belgian pears (absolutely delicious!) and will today make pear and walnut chutney. I have given some away already… and will have to give away more! I only have so many saved jam-jars! On top of that my 4 tomato plants have given me about 16 Kg (or 34 lbs) of tomatoes so I have had to bottle those and made Tomato & Ginger chutney! And I can not resist ‘free’ food so I have collected fallen plums, damsons, apples and crabapples and made more chutney and jam (‘conserve’ in the case of the plums as they were a bit too ripe and wouldn’t set). No wonder I haven’t done much painting! A bountiful harvest!  And we have a small Hazel tree at the end of the road and I seem to be the only person collecting the nuts – even the squirrels don’t seem to want them!

crabapples pears-914

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2 Responses to Gifted pears….and poached apples

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Excellent fruit studies!

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