Go with what you are given…

The house at the end of my road… I love the fact that the tree has had to ‘go with what it was given’!

Built probably  in the 1400s it has an oak* tree growing just under its overhang that has been forced to grow round it and so has a distinct bend in the trunk. The house itself is probably several houses – from another angle you can see how the middle part of it is just built against the taller foreground part.

Colchester is full of these timber-framed buildings. We had a business in the town that had a room where the original outside wall of the public house next door was clearly visible. There are also a number of  houses/offices/restaurants where they have been built against the original Roman wall –  why build a wall when there is a perfectly good one there already!



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One Response to Go with what you are given…

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Oh! The warm colors in this set off by the green tree is so pleasant! My neighbor has a wonderful old oak in his back yard and I love the “eye candy” it offers, daily, as I peer at it from the window in my kitchen.

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