Chou, chou…rain

Dreadful – I know… and strictly speaking these are chou-fleur… but I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

Rain and grey skies (and ill husband) have kept me in the house and this little cauli was just sitting there waiting for a cheese sauce…

Difficult! Which is why I did it twice.chou1 choutoo

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3 Responses to Chou, chou…rain

  1. lesliepaints says:

    You are so good at these! I knew right off what it was and both leaves and florets are very readable!

  2. Very tricky subject in watercolour- all the white that isn’t really – you’ve captured it really well, lovely still life 🙂

  3. violetski says:

    You’ve captured the shape, lights, shadows beautifully!
    Love it😃❤️

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