Huts, huts, huts….

beach-huts-sketchWe have a tradition in Essex of beach huts. Not fancy, schmancy ones but glorified sheds – sometimes painted bright colours, with curtains and matching banquettes, and others that still look like sheds – and only have sad old deck chairs and other castoffs. These beach huts are highly valued (and sometimes cost a fortune – in nearby Frinton they can cost up to £36,000/$62000). They are not for sleeping in – just for the day!

On Friday we were lucky to borrow our neighbour’s beach hut in West Mersea, second row (which means a limited view of the sea!). But it has all you need to sit outside in the glorious sun, make a cup of tea, paddle (or for the brave – swim) and spend a day as lazy as you like. We had friends with us, who live in Glasgow, Scotland so are unused to such hot weather, and I had not taken my painting gear deliberately as I thought it would be rude to spend time sketching. But the camera was with us and I took the view of the sea from just outside ‘our’ hut. So this was painted over the weekend from the photo. And I thought it might make a good thank you present!

I was especially pleased with the light on the right-hand hut and its reflective colours.

West Mersea is a small island* just off the Essex coast in the estuary of the Blackwater so part of the view is of the coastline (and wind farm) just over the water.

*Island now has a roadway which can flood at very high tides.

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One Response to Huts, huts, huts….

  1. carolcking says:

    I like your huts with the view of the water between them. We have similar things here, we call them cabanas. I remember once in England a friend took us on a drive to the water. I couldn’t believe how cold it was (this was July) and everyone was sitting on the beach in their coats!

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