My niece who is Spanish, English and American, and lives near Madrid has always wanted a dog, a cat, a baby brother or sister and, due to various reasons, and living in a fourth floor flat in the middle of Madrid with working parents, has never had the chance to own a pet. She was always entranced by stories about my cats and now, on finally getting her own flat outside Madrid has achieved a dream and got herself a rescue dog. I haven’t met this lively dog yet only seen photos. So, as it is my niece’s birthday soon I thought I would try a painting of her dog for her. And here is the result.

This is actually the second attempt and, whilst not perfect, I feel has the nature of the dog. It is small – only 5 x 7 inches.

‘Podenco’ is a Canarian* warren dog (rabbiter) which is probably why they have such large ears and big noses!dari-w


*from the Canary Islands.

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One Response to Podenco…

  1. lesliepaints says:

    She will be so pleased with your painting. Beautiful rescue dog!

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