A piece of history…

Or under grey skies…. Clacton is a nearby seaside town that has an amusement pier, a promenade, sandy beaches, buckets, spades, kids but on a Monday under grey skies it only has dog walkers, old people parked in their cars looking at the sea, and not a lot else.

I walked the promenade one way and then the other and spotted two Martello towers. These were built to defend England against the French in the early 1800s. Their name comes from Torre della Mortella, a circular fortress in Corsica which held out to British attack for several days until it was eventually captured. We were so impressed with the design that we borrowed it and built a line of these towers to stop Napoleon invading. In Essex/Suffolk we had 21 and about 6 remain today. They are round, about 40 foot high with extremely thick walls. There would have been a gun/cannon on the top with 360° view and troops would have been housed inside.

This one is deserted but one further down the coast is used as a ‘digital art centre’.

When the weather is like this it flattens all the colours; the reference photo I took to paint from has hardly any colour… grey skies, grey sea, grey tower! The painting  is not so grey!martello

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3 Responses to A piece of history…

  1. Nicola says:

    The colours are lovely. Great sky and composition!

  2. designsweet says:

    I had to walk a fair bit to get this image! The sky courtesy of the UK!

  3. lesliepaints says:

    Now I’ll know what they look like, these Martello towers, if referred to, in the history books I’m fond of reading. Thank you. I marvel about how watercolor can take a photo and transform it into bright color!

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