I spent yesterday walking the promenade at Clacton while my husband had a blood transfusion. I had intended to try some plein-air painting but couldn’t find a suitable subject. If I had walked the opposite way I would have found more to choose from… but I started drawing this piece of seaweed and brought it home to paint. It had a broken shell attached to it and the little shell I also collected.



I also took a photo that I may challenge myself with later. So a slightly productive day – and I walked my 10000 steps! Yay!

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One Response to Beached…

  1. lesliepaints says:

    I like your intimate paintings of thiings. My sister would so appreciate you and your beachcombing. She is always collecting wonders along the lakeshore. Her favorites include beach glass and she fashions jewelry from the things she finds. Sea weed would be a difficult find for the jeweler, but the watercolorist can find many things in a clump of seaweed. Thank you for the increased vision into these things.

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