Spent most of Sunday in the sun pottering and then painting a bit – setting myself the challenge of painting more things I find difficult. I started with a pea-shoot growing in my veg plot…pea-shoot

In the midst of this hubby decides that he should try and go out. He is able to drive quite happily but can’t walk far/eat much. So we met a friend at a pub and had a quick half-pint and drove around with our top off!

When we came back he had a siesta and I went back to painting – having stopped mid-brush-stroke. I completed one small sketch of a chair beside the rhododendrons and then did another. This is so outside my comfort zone!

They are ‘firsts’ for me as most of my quick paintings have been of small groups/single objects… progress has been made!


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2 Responses to Progress…

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Sunlit!!! All three! I would never guess you were painting outside your comfort zone. I like the softness that comes through in your watercolors. I also like how you pay particular attention to value and line. Wonderful!

  2. designsweet says:

    Thank you for your kind comments… a lot of my paintings I start without wearing my contact lens – very short-sighted – and wondered if that was where the softness comes in. But these were painted with them in!

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