Let sleeping cats…

I was awakened this morning by the incessant alarm call of the blackbirds that live in the garden. I did wonder if it was the fox who visits nightly – but it was too late for him. That meant it had to be my neighbour’s cat Milo, who spends most of his days in the quiet of my garden and sleeps in the bottom of my small plastic greenhouse. His own house and garden now has two dogs living there and he is desperate to come and live with me.  To allow my husband to sleep on without being disturbed by the birds I went down and allowed Milo into the kitchen with me. I had a cup of tea, he prowled the kitchen for food. Always voracious Milo. Eventually he sat on a chair but would not settle for more than a few minutes at a time. Every time I moved so did he. Made for a sketchy painting – and I now know why I paint fruit!milo1 milo2

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4 Responses to Let sleeping cats…

  1. carolcking says:

    Milo is a very good looking cat. Your lucky to have such a nice visitor. (And your husband is lucky you let him sleep!)

  2. designsweet says:

    This is my neighbour’s cat Milo who wants to live me! He sleeps in our little plastic ‘greenhouse’ most of the time, suns himself in the garden and sneaks in (and sometimes I let him in) to find a warm place. Good natured but always on the lookout for food. While the hubby has been in hospital I have been greeted each morning by him… and on my return at night he hears my car and comes running to find me. A real companion.

  3. Deb Villines says:

    I have a cat, in my other house, Raven, likes to visit our neighbors on occasion, my daughter stays there, she says; he comes home all brushed and groomed some times. I enjoyed your post, nice pic too;)

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