Oh! I do love to be beside the seaside…

When given a choice of where to go I always choose the seaside – even if our nearest bit (only 8 miles away) is in the estuary of two tidal rivers to me it is still the sea. Salt water, sand, seagulls, stones, shells, seaweed and beach-huts. We went to take a photo of our new ‘old’ car against a ‘good’ backdrop and I left hubby sitting on a bench near the car and slipped down for a very quick walk on the shore.
Inevitably I collected some shells – though most of them are oyster shells as there are oyster beds just near here. These were a very quick sketch of some very small shells I sneaked home and painted the other morning.



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4 Responses to Oh! I do love to be beside the seaside…

  1. I love every single one of your paintings. Are you new to watercolor, because if so, I’m amazed! Wow, so nice to have found your blog in cyberspace. Thanks for the follow!

    • designsweet says:

      Newish to watercolour – I started in January 2013 by painting something each day while I drank my first cup of tea (that’s why there is so much fruit!)… but sadly work and life intervene more and I don’t paint as often as I would like. I must make time as I find it very relaxing and rewarding.

  2. Wow! Amazing how quickly you’ve progressed. Do you enjoy other mediums as well?

  3. I’m with createarteveryday: brilliant well of talent. I shall follow you to the sea…or wherever. (Strictly in a good way……)

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