Four apples… in pairs!

Christmas over… New Year over… January almost over!

I have managed to do a small bit of painting – we/I redecorated the downstairs loo just after Christmas. And I have also done a small amount of real painting. Difficult at the moment to find a lot of time…

My husband (who is awaiting an oesophagectomy, been through chemo, hospital stays, tests, procedures …) has found that although he can’t work he can spend money on the www and has bought us numerous new items (including the new loo suite) but also  a new iMac, a new camera and bits, a Playstation, a new shed – and I have had to put a stop to this! As he is unable to work (much) it has been left to me to earn the money. And I do this by my graphic design business. One of the regular jobs I have is to design a Wedding magazine.FC

But I am glad that I am managing to find small moments to grab a paintbrush and just lose myself in a quick painting. Therapeutic, calming and fun!coxes winterapples

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