Little hats for a big cause…

I have just (recently) discovered about the Age UK & Innocent drinks BIG KNIT. Together they get the UK knitting tiny hats and they get plonked on Innocent’s smoothies and drinks and  in the supermarkets. Innocent gives 25p to Age UK for each hat sold. As I fast approach old age and like knitting small things I thought I’d give it a go and so far have knitted 11 of the little things.Some people do weird and wonderful hats; fruit, witches hats, pumpkins, snowmen, animals – you name it there is probably a hat knitted! Mine are simple (but knitted in the round) and could be used as egg cosies afterwards!

They are about 2.5 inches high… and the one on the right is awaiting its cherry!


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2 Responses to Little hats for a big cause…

  1. lesliepaints says:

    This is fascinating. My Granddaughters would be grabbing them and finding some doll’s head to plunk them on.

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