More from the nature table…

We had a nature table at my junior school (7yrs-11yrs) and I never really ‘got’ it. It just seemed to be a bunch of old leaves or shells or nuts. We didn’t do anything with the stuff. We didn’t draw it or paint it. Or even learn about it. (Though I did learn what a catkin was, Carol!)

Now I have my own ‘nature table’… it varies but they are all bits I have found while out walking, or in the garden, or on the beach  a bird’s skull, a cuttlefish, shells are permanent and other fruits and nuts come and go…

These two paintings are of a quince (which has the most delicious smell) which fell into my hand as I walked past a garden – it is such a pretty colour, and 3 fruits which may be crab apples or medlars – they are the size of cherries.

Like all my paintings these are done in the morning with a cup of tea in one hand (not literally!), without my contact lenses (explains a bit!) and are small – about 7×5″. The first one I did yesterday – a sunny morning and is on NOT paper, and the second was done this grey, dull morning and on some (new to me) ROUGH paper which seems to absorb the paint more …

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