From the nature table…

When I go walking round my area – even just to go to the bank I usually come back with something I’ve picked up; scrumped apples, feathers, stones, conkers (to come later perhaps) and at this time of year sweet chestnuts. I often carry a camera in case it’s something that won’t be able to come home with me – the wall at the end of our road has some fabulous yellow lichen (or mould?) that look great against the old red brick.bricks

And something that found their way home with me – sweet chestnuts. Quite a challenge to paint !

I had never noticed that they often still have the dried catkin attached. When I was learning to play tennis, a far better player than I used to say to us that we should forget about the ‘rubbish’ shots and remember the really good ones… those great shots that slide down the line, or blip over the net.

And what I like about the painting of the sweet-chestnuts is the way that little dried catkin has come out!


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One Response to From the nature table…

  1. Carol King says:

    I like the way that the little dried catkin came out. I had to look up the word catkin. I never heard it before.

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