Windfalls…stolen apples!

Having taken out a straggly, prickly hedge (berberis) and an enormous overgrown conifer from our front garden we went out to choose a (small) tree to buy to put in the front as we now feel very exposed!

I want a fruit tree – as I argue that I’m the only person I know who would take fruit off a tree in someone’s front garden – but the husband has other ideas… he wants spring colour, screening, and autumn colour. After a trip to the local tree nursery we may have just solved the problem and satisfied all our wants – and the thing won’t grow too big – a Malus Rudolph (a crab apple tree with spring and autumn colour!) Yay!

I wandered round the fruit trees to see whether I wanted an apple, pear or plum tree and couldn’t resist sneaking two windfalls into my pocket – not big enough to eat but big enough to paint!


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2 Responses to Windfalls…stolen apples!

  1. Lovely! So full of light.

  2. Jana Bouc says:

    These are great! I’ve painted many a stolen flower and fruit, though I usually try to ask first.

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