…and a melon for ecstasy

Remind me never to buy cheap fruit. This Gala melon looked fine, felt ripe, but tasted like nothing. At least I was able to sit and paint the thing this morning whilst the neighbour’s cat clamoured for me to feed him – which I won’t!

I’ve been trying to paint some strawberries but keep getting tied up in details and rejecting them (the paintings not the strawberries – luckily I have a few growing in the garden so I can keep trying!). This was my second attempt at the melon but has more the feel I was aiming for… and I got to drink two cups of tea.


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2 Responses to …and a melon for ecstasy

  1. Carol King says:

    that melon looks yummy, even if it didn’t taste that good. I like how you “fuzzed” the top of the melon.

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