Adverts work…


John Lewis has announced that its sales were up this Christmas by 15%. It show what advertising can do for sales! Their fabulous lovestruck snowman advert is credited with boosting sales. You may not be able to afford to spend thousands on your marketing but doing marketing activity will help you boost your bottom line. Whether it is having a website that looks good and is easily found on the world wide web, or a well designed leaflet, a sales letter either as ‘hard copy’ or an email, or a well designed advert it is important not to let up on your marketing activity – even in these ‘austerity’ times.

In good times it is said that you need to have 5 ‘marketing touches’ before someone new will remember you. I suspect that nowadays you need more than that and you have to keep plugging at it. Check that your website is up-to-date – if you have a NEWS tab make sure it has some news or dump it! – that your leaflets are aimed at your clients and prospects and that your database for your mailings or eshots is clean and accurate. Need help with any of that? Well, give us a call!

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