Even the big boys do it…

We have had to buy a new car recently. The old car was pronounced dead and not worth repairing after 14 years of faithful service. So we went car shopping. And I picked up brochures everywhere we went. Some of them are beautiful – shiny cars and magnificent dashboards – pages of technical details. Pages of choices you can make: alloy wheels,   different fabrics for seats, ABS, EPS, metallic colours – the list goes on and on. I like cars.  I like driving. So I sat and looked through the brochures I had collected. Then I saw it. The typo. Staring at me – Quicklclear. We’ve got Quickclear windows…now I want Quicklclear windows.

So when we had chosen our car (very smart – chosen as much for its design and look as its driveability) we went home and I took a quick look at the other brochures. Almost the first page I looked at I found a ‘typo’ – independant. Though in my view that’s not really a typo – that’s a spelling error (when my English teacher would have put ‘Sp’ in red letters in the margin). Both of these errors would have been picked up with ‘spell-check’ and I am sure that both Mazda and Ford have paid dearly for the design of their brochures, and probably had it proof-read! It didn’t make me not buy the car – I am possibly one of the few people who have read the brochure – but it doesn’t reflect well to have typos on either the company or the design agency. Neither brochure (luckily) had the designer’s name on it.

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