Just imagine…

Just imagine if the letters on your keyboard kept moving around. Each day you would go to your desk and discover that QWERTY had turned into PKHVCA or BXSGPL and each day would be different. How annoying would that be? Think how long it would take to type something familiar – and how long if you were to type something completely new!

There are some websites (still) where the menu buttons move on each page. So each page is a new experience and you have to search for the menu. You need to make your website easily to navigate. Realistically your website should have the main pages on the menu on every page, and have a simple menu – not 19 buttons to choose from. And you should be able to get to the Home page from every page. Drop-down secondary menus are fine as long as they work and link to a page – I’ve met quite a number that don’t! Most annoying!!

Only put useful information on your website – think about your website from your potential client’s view – what is it they want to know? Is it really important that they know how your company got to ‘here’? Will it make them want to buy from you? If the answer is ‘no’, then leave it out.

Too many businesses have websites that are built for them and not their clients or potential clients. There are simple rules to follow. Work out what you want to say; just imagine that you are a client looking for someone who can supply the services you offer. What would make you pick up the phone or email a request? Ask  friends, family, your colleagues.

Think from the top down. Big news at the top – a viewer can’t necessarily see all of the page on their screen. So condense your message into ‘bites’ and feed them a tasty morsel each bite.

Other important considerations:

  • Don’t have too many fonts, in lots of different colours and sizes.
  • Avoid shocking colours – or ones that make you see stars!

Ask yourself: Does it look good? Is it simple? Is is clear?

You want a ‘yes’ on all three.

Now just imagine… your website is sorted… here come the calls and emails!

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