Paying twice for logo design?

I met a business woman the other day who had bought her logo design and stationery set-up over the web. She hadn’t paid a great amount (the site was holding a ‘sale’) but she had paid for an original logo design and print-ready files, as well as the original design. She wanted some printing so I took a look at her disk and the print-ready files.

The design of the logo was fine – I said so as she complained about how long it had taken the company to respond to her when she wanted to change things (mainly the colour – a single colour). She also told me that she had sent them a jpeg of a design she liked and wanted to have her logo based on something similar. Her main problem had been sorting out the colour.

I hoped that the design was in a Pantone colour…I hoped that the logo design was supplied as a vector file…I hoped that the ‘print-ready’ files would have cropmarks and bleed. I hoped in vain.

The ‘logo design company’ had scanned or dropped the image she had sent them into Photoshop. They had constructed the jpgs and eps files probably in Photoshop and the pdfs had no crop marks to show what size the cards should be, or bleed where a box went off the edge of the letterhead. The whole thing was in RGB. I did suggest that she went back to the original company and asked them to supply the correct sort of files but she had had enough of struggling to deal with them.

I showed her a Pantone chart and she chose a colour. We found (and bought) the Royalty- free logo design that she had found – which was lucky as I had told her she might have found something that was copyright and, if so, it would have to be redesigned. I have now reconstructed the artwork and the logo (which had been slightly adapted) and she will have a vector file of her logo, as well as the original Indesign files and print-ready pdfs with crops and bleeds. I’ve also thrown in an alternative to the business/appointment card!

The moral of this tale is obvious. Be sure that if you buy over the web you buy from someone who knows what they are doing. Better still unless you are buying a commodity (CDs, books, etc) buy from someone local, reputable, who you can contact easily and who will return your calls or emails. She may have thought she was getting a bargain…I doubt that she thinks that now!

Luckily I won’t charge her as even much as she paid first time round. But she is paying twice for the logo design she wanted – unless she claims on the ‘money-back’ guarantee the company offers!

And hopefully she’ll recommend me to her friends and business acquaintances!

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