What colours should I choose for my business and logo?

Many logos and brands are often recognized by the colours they use. Think of Caburys and you think of purple (Pantone 2685). The colour you choose for your logo is important. Colour will stir the emotions and make associations in the mind. Blue is calm and secure – often used by banks (Barclays) and the NHS (Pantone 300). Orange is warm and friendly – EasyJet and Sainsburys. So the colour you choose needs to represent the image you want to portray.

When a colour and a logo are established they will reinforce your ‘brand’ and should be used in all levels of communication. All your print, advertising and  marketing materials, website, packaging, signage, even the office interior and exterior need to reflect your brand colours. It creates what is termed a ‘brand experience’ and helps to establish that clients will receive a certain level of service whenever they buy from you.

A graphic designer will suggest the ‘right’ colours for your business and guide you painlessly away from choosing the ‘wrong’ one!

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