Four things about your logo

If you are designing your logo (or having your logo designed) there are four questions that the design will have to satisfy.

Is it simple? Simple? But I want this complicated design with drop-shadow and gradient fills – it works! OK we can revisit this one!

Is it versatile? Can it shrink down and be printed on a pencil and still be recognised as your logo? Can you have it embroidered on your company polo-shirts? Does it work in one colour or only in full colour?

Is it memorable? Think of big-name logos…Macdonalds, Cadbury, Shell – what is it about them that means that you can picture them instantly. They are all simple logos. They work if they are printed in black. They can be small, they can be big – they are versatile! They also have distinct colours associated with them.

Fourth question… Will the design still look good in 10 years time? Anything that is designed to be too ‘now’ may not be ‘fashionable’ in a decade. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to tweak it in 10 or 20 years time. Most of the big names have. But they don’t have to go for a redesign. Why? Because they followed simple design rules. They kept their logos simple – which means that they are versatile, memorable and will last a long time.

Will your multi-coloured, gradient-filled, drop-shadowed logo really cut the mustard now? Or is it worth investing in a logo designed by a professional graphic designer?

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